Sunday, July 29, 2007


Last night was special. There has only been one other baby adopted from Grace's orphanage--a little girl named Tumaini ("Hope" in Swahili), who now happens to live in the Bay Area with her mom. I had met Sammye and Tumi a year ago, just as Tumi's adoption was complete and they were leaving Tanzania--right about the time we were starting Grace's long process. Sammye had been staying at the orphanage during the time Grace was brought in--so she has a special bond with her and had hoped and prayed for a long time that Grace would be adopted.

So it was with great joy last night that we got together and Grace and Tumi were reunited. It almost feels like they are blood sisters...or about as close to it as we'll probably ever find. Tumi and Sammye gave Grace a little bracelet like the one Tumi always wears, which is such a special way to connect the two of them. The girls certainly had fun together! It will be fun to keep in touch over the years while the little girls grow up.

Sammye and Tumi
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