Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tanzania Life, Part 3

The only American chain in east Africa. And it really feels and looks and smells like a Subway! The main difference is that no pork products are served, as it is owned by a Muslim.

A typical road...on my way to the grocery store.

"Shopper's Supermarket"--one of just a few grocery stores in town that sells imported goods. This store just doubled in size a couple weeks ago and oh would have thought Disneyland had just come to town from the reaction of friends (and myself!).

Just got my new washing machine last week and started using it today. If you want to know what happened to my old washing machine, well...we'll just leave that in the archives. This one has a plastic top, just like the old one. And in reading the "warnings" section of the manual today (I'm an instructions-reader), I found this, "Do not put a candle light or cigarette light on the washer. A fire may take place." Hmmm....

Daddy made a house for Gracie from the box!

Drying clothes. No one uses clothes dryers here.

The other members of our family: Daisy (white lab) and Minnie (Jack Russell terrier). Dogs are an important means of security here, but we also just like dogs. So does Grace. She thinks they are hysterical when they chase each other.

Grace's room. She still sleeps in the Pack n' Play, but the big bed is ready for her when she gets a little brother!
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