Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hellooooo.....Out There......

Blogging is an odd experience. At least when I email, even if it's a "group" email (like our prayer updates), I know who is getting them. But blogging is really out there for the entire world to see, should they choose. (Hence the reason why the topics on this blog tend to be in the "frivolous" category--there certainly are more important things in our lives than cars and water problems and birthday parties, but usually I'm not able to write about them for the sake of privacy of others). And up until last month, I have had no idea who is reading this blog unless the person leaves a comment or they tell me some other way.

Enter Google Analytics....

My brother, Paul, is rapidly moving up the Google ladder, and when we were in CA for Christmas, he set up a Google Analytics site for my blog.

It's very cool. It tells me how many people visit my blog every day, and what countries they come from and even what states and cities they come from. And there have been some unexpected surprises.

Since December, 199 people (maybe you are the 200th!) have made 770 visits to this blog. You come from 10 different countries and 26 different states. I can think of people I know in a lot of these places....but some of them are beyond me! I can't remember who I know in Idaho or New York or Utah or Virginia or Kentucky. And I especially can't remember who I know in the Philippines--someone who checks this blog regularly. Now, I'm not asking you to reveal yourselves...you have a right to your privacy, and personally I have checked out many blogs of people I knew a long time ago or even don't know at all--and never left comments. But it is indeed odd to think that there could be perfect strangers out there who are interested in this blog!

So anyway...to all you readers out there...whether I know you or not....thanks for taking the time to be interested in our lives! It's quite an honor, actually.

(Oh, and if you have a blogspot and now want your own Google Analytics page...don't ask me what my brother did to set it up. I have no idea. Sorry!)
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