Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not Your Average Returns Policy

So on Thursday our new car had a tire blow out (happens constantly here). Thankfully it happened just before I got home. We then realized that we were missing the "spinner" to take off the bolts.

So on Saturday I used our old Suzuki (which is now finally running again well enough to sell after investing a heck of a lot of money to completely overhall the engine) to go try and find a spinner that would fit the bolts on our new car.

I first tried a little auto parts shop (more like a shack) and they didn't have one. So then I went to a little place next to the gas station which has fixed punctures ("punchas" in Swahili) in our tires enough times that they recognize us.

Auto parts are not in my Swahili vocabulary, so this was interesting. But the guy knew what I was talking about and ran off to find me one. When he brought it to me, I asked him if I could bring it back and exchange it if it wasn't the right size.

He didn't like that idea. So he thought a moment and suggested that instead he come with me to my house, and I check to see if it was the right size. I thought a moment and decided that would be better than spending $15 on a tool that we couldn't use.

So he hopped in my car; we drove to the house and discovered that it was indeed the right size, and then I drove him back to the gas station.

Can you imagine that happening at your local Auto Parts store???
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