Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Imagine I Am Nine Months Pregnant...

....and that I will give birth in just a couple weeks!

Except that the baby will be 8 months old.

And Tanzanian.

Okay, so the analogy is breaking down. But you get the idea.

We did choose a baby! His name is Christian. He is one of 5 available babies at this orphanage, ranging from 2 months to 9 months old. Christian is about 8 months old.

Very sorry to disappoint my readers, but we're not going to post pictures of him yet. Or give the reasons why we chose him. We have learned the hard way that things are still uncertain and we don't want everyone to get attached to him only to have it fall through. Our social worker still needs to collect some paperwork on him. Best case scenario, it could take as little as two weeks. Pray that we will be able to proudly introduce him to you soon!!!

Thanks so much for your prayers! We are definitely excited but guarded...and still feeling kind of "twilight-zoneish." But did I mention that we are excited???
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