Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So I Guess This is Going to Be a Long Labor After All

With Grace, this "labor" stage (from approval to bringing her home) took 4 months. However, our lawyer has told us that we beat all the one else ever had to wait that long.

Regardless, finding out that it may take longer than "a couple of weeks" to bring home Josiah isn't all that surprising. I've found that with adoption, it's best to keep your expectations really, really low. Then you can't be disappointed.

One social worker has been transferred to a different city. Another one has been sick for a week. And today we found out that all the social workers are going to some 16-day conference beginning August 4th. Which means that if our baby's paperwork isn't completed by August 4th (which isn't looking likely), then we wait until everybody gets back from the conference.

Such is life. For now, I will just enjoy the simplicity of having one child instead of two, and pray for God's protection over my little boy's heart and mind. In God's sovereignty, when the time is right, Josiah will come home.
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