Saturday, August 9, 2008

Aunt S'Nelle

I've known Janelle since our first term in Tanzania. She has spent 7 of the last 9 years teaching at HOPAC, which is pretty impressive considering that the school has only been around for 14 years, and the average teacher comes only for 1-2 years. Janelle has always been my friend, but this last year she lived in the little (emphasis on "little") guest house in our yard, so she entered the "family" category.
Janelle is one of the most Christ-centered people I know. Her passion for the gospel, devotion to her work, and compassion for her students are unequaled. Though she never made a show about it, Janelle prayed for her students, daily, by name. Every year she found prayer partners for each individual student.
During this last year, almost daily I would hear, "Mommy, I go Aunt S'Nelle's house?" And off Grace would run. Janelle was such a special person in my little girl's life--especially in a country where we don't have any extended family.
Janelle just left Tanzania for a new chapter of her life. How we will sorely miss her! All the dinners and chats while cleaning up afterwards, all the laughter and stories and her beautiful example. I praise God for allowing her to be in my life.
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