Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Having Two Children

New Rules:

"Grace, you're not the mommy."

"Please don't yank Josiah by the arm when you want him to come with you."

"Please don't pick him up by the neck, either."

"Please don't dump water on his head."

"Please don't make him laugh while he is eating."

New Revelations:

It takes 4 times as long to get ready in the morning.
It takes 4 times as long to get in and out of the car.
A two-year-old can be amazingly independent.
A two-year-old can get into a heck of a lot of trouble while being independent.
"Mommy, he likes me!"

Unresolved Questions:

How exactly do you get two children to sleep in the same room at the same time?
How do you eat dinner at the same time as your two children?
What do you do with the second child in the grocery store?
How do you cross a busy street with two children?

And New Concepts:

Grace is learning the meaning of the word "brother." Last week, a young couple was at our house. Grace asked the guy, "What's your name?" He told her. Then she asked him, "What's your brother's name?" pointing at his wife.

Yesterday we borrowed some puzzles from a friend. One was a Mickey Mouse puzzle. Grace is in love with Mickey Mouse even though she has never been to Disneyland or even seen a Mickey Mouse cartoon. But very excitedly, she took the puzzle over to our Jack Russell, Minnie. "Look, Minnie! It's your brother! It's your brother!"

And finally...
Grace: "Mommy, my brother is crying." (Thanks, Grace, I didn't know).

And when I talk to him: "Mommy, he can't talk yet."
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