Monday, September 22, 2008

On a Lighter Subject....

...a recent trip to the pool. There's a string of beach hotels about a mile from our house, so we like to frequent one of the pools there. This was Josiah's first time in a pool.

Our little burrito.

Not quite sure of what he thinks of all this....

It has been such a joy to be Josiah's mom this past month! We had visited him three times in the orphanage before we brought him home, and all three times, he cried incessently! The first couple weeks he was home with us, he was clingy and fearful. He had to be within two steps of an adult or he would scream. He didn't sleep well and he wouldn't eat anything except formula and basic wheat cereal. And whatever he did eat went straight through his system (and the doctor insisted he didn't have any parasites).

Poor little guy.

Today marks the one month anniversary of bringing Josiah home...and he is a changed baby! He is curious and happy and gets into everything. He is attracted to balls like a magnet, especially ping-pong sized balls, because he can clutch them in his little hand and carry them around (which he usually does most of the day). He loves making noise and banging things. He gives us great belly laughs. He is eating voraciously--everything I give him, and his digestive system has leveled out. And...he is sleeping over 16 hours a day! No joke. It's like he is making up for lost time. I'll take him to the doctor again in about a week, and I can't wait to see how much he has grown!

Thanks, Lord....from a Happy Mama!
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