Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two Weeks as a Family of Four

So yesterday we learned Rule #47 in raising children: Getting two children to cooperate in a photo shoot is 10 times harder than one child. But anyway, here we go....

Grace is a great big sister. When Josiah cries, she says, "Don't cry, Sweetie. I'm right here!" And then she says, "I'll get you a spoon!" For some reason, she's convinced that will make him stop crying. And sometimes it actually works.

Our lil' guy.

The doctor confirmed he is indeed little. Below the 5th percentile actually. But we are fattening him up!

The shirt says it all! (Thanks, Mom!)

Making a variety of noises with finger and mouth is one of his favorite things to do...this must be a boy thing? Preparing for all those car and truck and helicopter noises.



Double cuties.

The other day I had strapped Josiah in the high chair at lunch time, then ran into the back of the house for a moment. When I came back, Grace was feeding Josiah unbaked cookie dough with a spoon. Ummm...Mommy's little helper?!

"This is my brother Messiah!" she proudly tells everyone. The other day I was letting her watch part of the Jesus film for children. "Mommy, they are talking about Messiah!" she told me excitedly while pointing to her brother.
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