Thursday, June 18, 2009


Some evenings these days, Gil and Grace have been going out to take sunset pictures while I am working on dinner. Grace takes her little pink camera and takes pictures with her Daddy.
Usually they walk a little ways away from our house, to an area that overlooks a large blown-out rock quarry. The blasting is done now, so it just looks like an enormous crater. Squatters have started building mud houses down there.

On this particular day, three little girls came up to the road from the quarry and were fascinated by Grace. These little girls really represent the poorest of the poor. My heart especially breaks for the little one on the right who is holding up her skirt because it won't stay on. When I first saw these pictures, I spent a long time gazing at them, pondering the contrasts. My little girl...the life she could have lived...the life these little girls are living.

Grace took off her shoes because the other little girls weren't wearing shoes either.

Overlooking the quarry.

The sunset overlooking them all.

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