Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am doubly blessed.

I have a wonderful Daddy. He loved me unceasingly, trained me patiently, and was unfailingly proud of me. He has always been such an example of kindness, and hard work, and godly devotion. He was, and always has been, my hero.

And now he is an amazing Babu.

And I am blessed to be married to a man who is also an incredible father.

He not only just loves his kids, but he loves spending time with them. He loves being silly with them. It's never a chore for him to play with them.

Yet training them in godliness is also extremely important to him. He is teaching them to obey. He insists they respect me. He works with them to memorize Scripture.

He gets them to do crazy or daring things that I would never think of. He pushes them to overcome their fears. Yet he is also very protective and careful that they won't get hurt.

He makes them laugh like no one else can.

He cuddles. He changes stinky diapers. He sings silly songs and dances in the living room.

He delights in them.

Like I said. Doubly blessed.

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