Monday, June 15, 2009


HOPAC 5th Grade Class, 2001

HOPAC 12th Grade Class, 2009

I was so thrilled with how everything looked! The stage was decorated in classic Tanzanian "big event" style, we borrowed caps and gowns from the other International School, and had sashes made out of Maasai fabric.

Gil presenting Kyung-Ho with the character award. We are so proud of this young man! One of my former students, and now Gil has been his Bible teacher/mentor for 4 years. He will be off to Wheaton in the fall...they are getting a gem!

Great turn out!

I was given the privilege of making the graduation address. This really meant a lot to me, since I've known most of these kids for 8 years. I will post excerpts from that speech in my next post.

We had told them that they didn't need to wear the caps...but they all wanted to. Why? Because they wanted to throw them! Not a single student in this class is American, yet caps and gowns at a high school graduation is a totally American tradition. Guess they've watched too many movies!

Gil and I with the 8 students who have remained at HOPAC from my 5th and 6th grade class.

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