Friday, July 31, 2009


We took the Hillside team to Zanzibar for 3 days at the end of their trip. It's one of our absolute favorite places in the world, so we didn't mind! Zanzibar is a large island off the coast of Tanzania, inhabited by about a million people, 99.9% of whom are Muslim. It is full of incredible culture, history, and beaches!

Swimming with dolphins. You see that arm in the back? That's not Gil, but that is how close he got.

I love having a photographer for a husband. :-)

This is what my little guy does whenever he finds me sitting or kneeling on the ground.

Stonetown, the main city, is full of amazing architecture...buildings made out of coral...carved doors like you see here...fascinating history.

The locals are eager to "decorate" the tourists with homemade items.

Home of Red Colubus can get close enough to touch them.

Dozens of spices grown here....

...and loads of exotic fruit.

Gil bought Josiah this little "Rastafari" hat...and he was just WAY too cute for words.

Our awesome, energetic, willing, flexible team....we love you guys! Thanks, Sarah, Ian, Michelle, Kristen, and Ruben!
(This picture was taken in a mangrove of the most beautiful places I've ever been.)

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