Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Piece of Heaven

This week is HOPAC's mid-term break. So we went to the beach for a few days. We stayed one night at a beach hotel, and then visited some good friends at the beach house where they were staying. We immediately fell in love with this incredible beach house and decided we need to make our own trip there as soon as possible!

It's the most amazing can't see from the picture, but the entire back of the house opens up to join the porch....all looking out to the ocean.

But even more incredible is the beach it is on...probably the most uniquely beautiful beach I have ever laid eyes on.

Waves crashing on the reef, creating huge geysers and hundreds of little water falls....

...filling small pools with warm water, perfect for the kids to play in.

Just fabulous!

Grace and her very best friend Caleb.

My lil' skinny boy...but he's getting taller!

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