Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top 10 Very Important Things Learned from Power Rationing

1. The things in my fridge will last 12 hours with no power before I have to worry. My freezer--24 hours. (Except for ice cream--that only lasts about an hour when the power goes off).

2. Mayonnaise does not have to be refrigerated. It can be left out--at least for a while. I can hear the screams of protest now. It's true. I too used to believe that you couldn't eat a chicken salad sandwich or potato salad that had been left out too long....but in those cases, the mayo is actually a's the chicken or other ingredients that will spoil! Don't believe me? Google it, you doubters.

3. Creativity abounds. When no power, sit in the car and run your laptop off of the car battery. Watch a movie with your husband in there. You even get air conditioning.

4. Even animals need light. Our poor Jack Russell sprained her foot coming up the stairs when the power was out. Poor thing; she is still limping.

5. More creativity. When it goes out during youth group and you've got 40 students in your house and no lights and they are kind of stinky from playing basketball and it's 90 degrees outside and 200 degrees inside.....just hand out a bunch of glow sticks and divide them into groups and tell them you'll give prizes for whoever comes up with the best dance. Oh yeah.

6. Never put a candle on top of an appliance with a plastic lid. Because you'll set it on fire. But I wouldn't know anything about that. Ahem.

7. All the phone numbers for the power company are programmed into my cell phone. The routine: "I'm calling from the Mbezi/Kunduchi area. How long will it be off? Are they working on it? What is the schedule for this week?"

8. Your cell phone makes a really great temporary flashlight.

9. Never underestimate the value of head lamps.

10. I APPRECIATE Electricity!!!!

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