Saturday, October 17, 2009

Unexpected Hope

A lot of us adoptive families have been networking with each other about these visa issues.

So yesterday morning, when I found out that a family had actually been granted a tourist visa, I just about fell to pieces. With frustration. Infuriation. Why? Because this family was a missionary family, just like us. Not much difference between our situations. There is no logical reason why they would be granted a visa when we were not.

When I got this news, we happened to be on our way to the embassy. We were putting in our application for Grace's U.S. passport, since she has been a citizen since April. So while we were there we decided to once again bring up the issue of Josiah's tourist visa.

We talked for a while with the a consular officer--a different one that the person who denied us three weeks ago. Hmmm. Got the distinct impression that maybe, just maybe, this all would have been different if I had interviewed with her that day, instead of the other guy.

But the great news is, that she also told us that once we submit the I-600 application (for Josiah's citizenship), we could re-apply for a tourist visa and would have a much greater chance of having it granted. Great, great news. Why? Because we thought we would have to wait for that application to be accepted and approved before we could go to the States. And that could take many weeks.

Our I-600 will probably be ready to submit in about a week. Hopefully. I will then immediately make another appointment for a tourist visa interview. And maybe, we'll get it.

Yesterday I contacted our travel agent and told him to get us reservations for November 15th. Not buying yet, though. We'll wait this time to buy tickets until we have that visa.

So. Yesterday I was bombarded by conflicting emotions: intense frustration that maybe things could have been different, and intense hope that maybe we won't have to wait that long after all. And as we all know, "maybe things could have been different" doesn't really work with God's sovereignty.

Not quite ready to rejoice about this yet--I'm still too cautious after all the disappointment. But hope....yes, there is hope.
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