Thursday, November 26, 2009

First Impressions

I lived this life once…but it seems so distant.

On Driving:

The roads are so smooth! Everyone follows the lines! No one is driving on the shoulder!

“Think right, Think right, Think right…” (the right side of the road, that is)

Constantly turning on the windshield wipers instead of the blinker…. (did you know they are reversed in British cars?)

Pay attention to the speed limit! (In Dar we never can go fast enough to worry about the speed limit).

In the store:

SO MUCH! So many choices….so many yummy things….how is there ever time to eat it all? Why do we need 16 types of Cheez-Its to choose from?

Everything is processed! Where is the flour and yeast? Why should I even bother making a homemade pumpkin pie when it’s cheaper to buy the bakery one? I must admit that’s a bit disheartening.

WHY DO PEOPLE BUY ALL THIS BOTTLED WATER? Buy a Brita, save the money you spend on bottled water, and send it to a country where the majority of people watch their babies die from water-borne diseases. Oops, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

Will I remember what to do? Do I remember how to pay with a credit card? I feel foolish, awkward…everyone expects me to know what to do…I look American…but I feel out of place.

On media:
I hate commercials! I hate advertising! I get immune to this after a while, but every time I come back to the States I feel bombarded. Except that I guess I can’t complain too much since I am a Republican who is very much in favor of a free market economy. Oooh…better not get on that soapbox. So I guess I put up with the advertising.

I like wearing socks. I like using a curling iron. I like not feeling sweaty all the time. I like cooking with cream cheese and raspberries.

Yep, that was pretty much Josiah's impression of Disneyland.

Finally, a partial smile!

With Grandma

With cousin Maddie
For the first time in my life, we got season passes to Disneyland! Gil's folks live only a half hour away, and the deal for So. Cal. residents is great. So when we went in to get our passes, they asked for a phone number.
Gil and I just looked at each other. "Ummmm....."
"Any phone number is okay," the guy said. "A cell number is fine."
"Uh, we don't know...."
"You don't know your phone number? Any phone number?"
We turned red.
Gil ran out to get his mom's cell. I fumbled over an explanation which included words like "Africa," so the guys eyes just glazed over and a polite smile appeared on his face.
We get that a lot.

First bike!

Give him a ball and some dirt and the smile reappears. I still can't get over seeing him in jeans and long sleeves!

This has been hardest on him, but he's handling it like a champ.

I'm here for Thanksgiving! Can you believe it? Thank you, Lord!
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