Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Numbers Are In

20: Hours spent in aircrafts
3: Hours Josiah spent sleeping
0: Hours Grace spent sleeping
3: Hours spent trying to get the kids to go to sleep. ("Close your eyes and be still." Repeat every 60 seconds.)
16: Hours Grace spent watching movies and cartoons (YOU GO, GIRL! We told her what a good job she did on the plane and how proud we were of her, and she looked confused said, "But I just watched TV." And we said, "Yeah, Great job!")
.0001: Hours Josiah spent watching TV.
1,347,256: Times Josiah jumped up and down on his airplane seat
25: Times person in front of Josiah turned around to look at us
15: Hours spent in London for layover
65: Dollars spent on hotel room (Hilton Hotel, 4 star. Thanks, Priceline!)
65: Dollars spent on overpriced hotel food (too bad Priceline doesn't sell food too)
3: Arrived at gate with this many minutes to spare before our second flight took off. (I just thought I would add a little excitement into our trip by majorly underestimating the amount of time it would take us to get through the massive Heathrow airport. Thank the Lord we made our flight. "Run, Grace, Run!")
11: Number of time zones we went through
4: People in the Medina family who are very happy and content right now.

We made it!!!!
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