Friday, January 1, 2010

this mommy loves the Grace in her life

Sweet Baby Girl,

As you lie next to me on this bed, crashed into sleep from the sugar and excitement of the morning of your fourth birthday, and so excited about your party this afternoon, I’m thinking about you.

I love you, this little girl God has given me. I love your zest for life, your excitement over absolutely everything. I love that no one is a stranger to you, you gladly give hugs to whomever wants to hug you; you love completely and without restraint. You are almost always happy. You immediately make friends with any child you come into contact with. “Hi, my name is Grace. What’s your name?” You are far more gregarious and more of an extrovert than I have ever been. I love your ability to win others over. I love how you thoroughly love your little brother and want to play with him all the time.

I’m finally believing those who told me, “The years will go by so fast!” When you were one and two and three and the days went by so slowly, four seemed so far away. And now I look back and wonder where the time went, and think about how in another four years you will be eight. Eight!

I want you to love God. Your family. Adoption. Africa. Missions. Your unique heritage. I want you to be a person of character and integrity. I want you to treasure Christ. I don’t want you to lose your joy when you turn 13…as I’ve seen far too often.

And I’m scared. Because I wonder if I really am cut out for this task of being your mother. I feel like you deserve so much more from me than you get. There is so much I want for you, so much that I want to develop in you, and I wonder if I really can do it. Then I remember that I can’t do it—not on my own, anyway. It’s only the grace of God that will work through me, and only the grace of God that will work in you.

So my precious Gracie, as we begin a New Year in history and a New Year of your life, I pray that God will continue to fill both our lives with His grace. And that it will infuse your life in such a way that others will say, “What a perfect name for you!”

Your Mommy

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