Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some Things I Bet You Didn't Know

Grace:  Mommy, when we see Bibi and Babu again, can they take us to South America?  But it's far away.  We could go on a blimp.  But only if there are no dogs.  And catfish.

Grace:  Mommy, all of the princesses are vanilla.  Except for Jasmine and Tiana.  They are chocolate.

Mommy:  Josiah, don't bite your fingernails.
Josiah:  But I am chocolate.

Grace:  When you die, you go to heaven.  Except if you want to go up to the sky, you can also use pixie dust.

Grace:  When Josiah turns three, he will be OUT of football and INto dolls.

Grace to Josiah:  Let's pretend that I am your big sister and you are my little brother.

Grace to Mommy:  When we get a new little brother, let's name him Spartacus.

Grace to Daddy after our beach trip:  When you get sunburned, you will look like us [Grace and Josiah]!

Josiah to our very pregnant friend:  Your tummy looks like mine!

Grace to Mommy:  Look!  Shirley Temple has tattoos just like Annie!!!  [that would be...tap shoes]

Mommy:  Josiah, why are you so cute?
Josiah:  Because I am a pokey thing.
Mommy:  What?  You are cute because you are a pokey thing?  What does that mean?
Grace:  I know!  It means he is a cactus.  Right, Josiah?
Josiah:  Yeah!
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