Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Capturing Zanzibar

Last week was mid-term break, so Gil and I left the kids with friends and snuck away for four days to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  We went to Zanzibar, where we have been quite a few times before, but there's always new places to explore and fall in love with all over again. 

Zanzibar is an inhabited island (population 1 million) off the coast of Tanzania and though it is technically part of Tanzania, has a very unique culture.  The beaches are unlike anything in the world.  The architecture is stunning.  The culture and people, a mix of Arab and African, are fascinating.  We stayed three nights at a beach hotel and one night in Stonetown, the capital city.  We biked, snorkeled, walked, watched the sunset, read, swam, kayaked, and enjoyed great food.  It was just plain wonderful. 

Gil collected these while snorkeling by tying them to his trunks....don't worry, we threw them all back after the picture!

A sea turtle conservation facility. 
Since I've seen baby turtles hatching twice now, it was so fascinating to see them as adults!  Such beautiful, graceful, gentle animals. 

Mnarani Beach Hotel

The rest of these pictures are views from Stonetown.

Tanzania elections coming up on Sunday....the streets everywhere are plastered with posters!

At night, Forodhani Gardens are lit up by dozens of food vendors selling all the seafood you can imagine!

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