Thursday, October 28, 2010

Everybody Say "Awwwwww....."

We had always talked about breeding our Jack Russell, so now, finally, 5 years later, we finally got around to it. 

I wondered often what was going through Minnie's mind through this whole thing.  I mean, she's never seen a birth, never seen puppies, and one day she gets this enormous stomach that is practically touching the ground, and then puppies start appearing.  "It all started when that strange dog showed up," she wonders to herself.  Minnie did give us some very bewildered looks those first few days.  "How did this happen?"  Yet, of course, due to our marvelous Creator, the dog (who has never seen a birth or had anyone teach her) knows exactly what to do.  Maybe this isn't very amazing to many people but I've thought it's all been pretty darn cool. 

And of course, there isn't anything much cuter than kids and puppies. 

Don't bother asking for one.  They were spoken for before they were born.  Jack Russells like to catch rats and bark at strangers, so they are quite popular dogs around here. 

Three more weeks till they go to their new homes.  I will miss those little faces, but I will not miss all the pee.  
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