Saturday, January 8, 2011

Continuing in Hope: Stella's Story

Stella got braver. 

She has a relative that lives about 10 minutes away from the hospital, and decided she could handle living there.  The doctor said it would be okay.  William called me and asked me if it was okay with me.  Okay with me?  As if I would know.  So she was discharged on Thursday.

I told him to make arrangements with a taxi driver nearby who could pick her up at any hour of the day or night if needed.  He said he had already thought of that.

Dr. Carolyn spoke to Stella's OB doctor.  The doctor said he was very optimistic.  Yes!  That's what we like to hear! 

The baby is due in April.  The doctor will continue to monitor her often.  He will re-admit her to the hospital a few weeks before she is due. 

Let's pray her through the next three months!
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