Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fantasyland without Mr. Toad

Gil teaches a photography class.

He sent out a notice to the HOPAC community that his students would like to take advertisement-type pictures for businesses....for free. 

So we got invited to Fantasyland....for free.  In exchange for photos. 

Seriously, almost like Disneyland.  Well, except for the roller coasters and food and Disney characters and shows and fireworks and stores full of overpriced souvenirs.  But they do have some things Disneyland doesn't have.  Like inflatable jumpers.  And donkey rides.  And sand.  Lots and lots of sand.
It was Princess and Pirate day.  Grace, Josiah, and Gabriel (who we brought with us) were the only little kids there.  So they got the royal treatment.  

That's Josiah stuck to the velcro wall.  I laugh every time I see this picture.

And this is how Gil treats students who don't behave. 
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