Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Spirit of HOPAC

"Mrs. Medina, what exactly is Spirit Week?"

They were sitting in my living room a few weeks ago, all six of the Executive Student Council at HOPAC--the awesome group of kids I get to work with this year. 

I had to laugh.  I should have known...of course they wouldn't know what it is!  After all, the only two kids in the group that hold an American passport have never actually been...to America. 

But we had finally convinced our international administration to let us try it, and the Council had been excited about it...except they didn't exactly know what "it" was. 

But they caught on quick.  And thus began our very first ever Haven of Peace Academy Spirit week. 

Ab, our fabulous president, at the first pep rally of the week.

Our brand new HOPAC Mascot....HOPAC Heat!
And of course, Spirit Week would not be complete without fish....

shaving cream.....

and peanut butter.

We culminated last Friday night with end-of-season soccer matches by our senior boys and girls teams....and both teams won!  The girls' team was coached by this guy I really like...and they came out top of their league for the season!

We rigged up lights and the teams played under the stars.  200 people from the HOPAC community showed up for the games...it was a first, and one that will certainly be repeated!
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