Monday, April 4, 2011

Waiting to Meet That New Little Life

Last week I ran into William and he told me the doctor says he will do a C-section on Stella this Thursday.  I was a little shocked to hear that, and decided not to post it until I had it confirmed. 

So Dr. Carolyn did some investigating on Saturday.  The OB doctor was too busy to talk, so she asked around with the various nurses.  You have to understand that even though this is a "good" hospital, the methods of running this hospital are very different from what you would be used to.  Nothing is computerized; everything is hand-written. 

She said that what she discovered is that there is certainly an ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday to determine the size of the baby.  She is guessing that based on the ultrasound, they will decide when to do the C-section.  So it's possible that if the baby is big enough, they will take it on Thursday.  But it hasn't exactly been scheduled as William said, so he probably misunderstood.  

I wondered why they would do a C-section when she is already staying at the hospital and it seems logical to let her go as long as she can.  But Carolyn thinks that because she lost so much blood during her last delivery, that this doctor doesn't want to take any chances.  That seems to make sense. 

Carolyn says that all her other reports are good.  Stella and baby both seem to be doing great.  I'll keep you updated as much as I can! 
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