Saturday, May 28, 2011

One of My Very Favorite Things

When I was young, probably my most favorite thing to do was theatre.  My high school had a phenomenal theatre department with a very talented director, and there was absolutely no place I would have rather been than on that stage.  Sewing costumes, the smell of aerosol hairspray, the hair nets and wigs, building sets on Saturdays, the feel of anticipation when the lights go down and elation during the curtain call...but most of all, the amazing sense of camaraderie that is built when working on a play....not found anywhere else. 

"Steel Magnolias," VCHS, 1993

"Traveling Light," Hillside Church, 1996 (this one's for you, MB!)

But it's been a really, really long time since I've been on a stage again.  So when some good friends at HOPAC announced they wanted to put on a musical, I was thrilled and jumped at the chance to participate. 

It is called "A Few of My Favorite Things" and is an adaption of the best scenes and songs from "The Sound of Music."  HOPAC rented the only real theatre in town, and we had ourselves four performances of the real thing....the lights, the sets, and of course, lots of hair spray.  What fun it has been (closes tomorrow) to be back on stage again (I still love it!), but even more, what a joy it has been to feel that wonderful sense of camaraderie with everyone who participated...students, teachers, parents, and even board members. 

I played Sister Berthe.  I have never considered myself much of a singer, and have never sung a solo in public since probably...the 7th grade.  But when you are part of a small school, guess what?  Suddenly you are a good singer.  Who not only gets solos but also gets to sing four-part harmony.  In Latin.  Definitely a new experience for me.  

As you can see, our production did not look very Austrian.  Obviously the Von Trapp family became an adoptive family in our case.  But I think everyone got the idea. 

So anyway, since I know a lot of former HOPAC staff read this are lots of pictures for you.  Enjoy!

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