Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wish There Was More to Tell You

People keep asking me about something. 

What is it again?

Oh....that would be Lily. 

Not that I've really been thinking about her.  Very much.

I haven't really had much to tell you.  I promise, if I did, I would be shouting it from the roof tops.  I would probably even use CAPITAL LETTERS.

We've just been waiting. 

Social worker in Mwanza told us she sent the police report.  I keep calling the social worker down here (we'll call her Mrs. A) to see if she has received it.  Yesterday and today I made the hour drive to go see her in person.  Yesterday, no luck...she wasn't there.  But today we talked.

She hasn't received it.  But she also explained in detail to me the many layers of bureaucracy that must happen before she receives the letter.  Apparently the procedure changed in the last year, so things are going differently than with our previous adoptions.  Once that police report gets down to Dar, it goes through at least three other desks (for a stamp, a signature, a glance...) before it actually gets to Mrs. A.  And apparently there is pretty much no way to trace it until it appears on Mrs. A's desk.

So our police report could be in three possible different places.  Or four, if you count the Mwanza social worker's desk, since we still don't have irrefutable proof that she mailed it.  Or five, if you count the post office, stuck behind a wall somewhere. 

Once Mrs. A gets it, she will write the final-final-final letter which allows us to go pick up Lily.  But she will write it by hand, someone else will type it (if there is power that day), and then it will go back through three other desks for signing and stamping before we can receive it.

It exhausts me just thinking about it. 

I so much want to bring Lily home before August 8th.  Because that week, we plan to go on vacation to our favorite beach house.  And it's the very last week before Gil starts teacher meetings, and two weeks before Grace starts kindergarten.  I so desperately want us to have that week together as a family before we all split up again. 

Will you pray?  I know so many already are, and it means so much.

It seems impossible.  But we are trusting God is in control, and we wait for His will. 
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