Monday, August 22, 2011

"Some" day finally became "this" day!

Well, what do you know.  She told me we would have the letter today, and we actually did.  Wonders never cease.

 Interestingly enough, on August 22, 2008, exactly three years ago, we received our final-final letter for Josiah.  Guess that's a good day for us. 
I am so thankful for Mrs. A today.  She went above and beyond the call of duty to get us our letter today, willingly working with me as we crisscrossed town to track it down.  It was an extremely, long, tiring, emotional day, for many reasons, but in the end I came home with a letter.  I would write in CAPITAL LETTERS, but honestly, I'm too tired to talk that loud.  

And now it's 8:00 at night, and I am persistently working with a travel agent to try to get us tickets to go to Mwanza tomorrow.  If it works, we'll leave here at 7 am.  Yikes.

It's ironic, because this weekend I told Gil, "If we get the letter on Monday, maybe we should wait until the weekend to bring her home."  It's the first week of school, Grace's first week of kindergarten, and it would be better for her to come in over the weekend.   Yeah, right.  We got the letter on Monday, and we're taking the next flight out of here. 

Common sense sometimes disappears where love is concerned.  We're coming, baby girl.  I don't care how tired I am. 

But Gracie deserves her own post about today.  So that's what's next. 
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