Thursday, November 3, 2011

Becoming a Family of Five

After such a crazy September, I am thankful that October gave us some much-needed family time.  It was a slower month, and Gil had a week off for mid-term break.  We didn't go anywhere, made no plans, and really hardly saw anyone but ourselves that week.  It was really, really good for us. 

When you work with teenagers, you have the added advantage of owning things like laser lights, glow sticks, and strobe lights.  (We also have a smoke machine, but didn't bring that out on this particular night).  Makes for some pretty spectacular family dance parties.  I'm glad all you can see is the lights in this picture....

Within a three mile radius are two (and only) water parks in Tanzania.  Our favorite is Water World because the water there is usually blue, instead of.....yeah.  It costs approximately $4.00 per adult and $3.50 per child.  Can't beat that.  Except I do get a little nervous that something might collapse under us someday....

Oh Yes he IS trying to dunk her. 

Josiah can hold his little 28 pound body in a perfect headstand for over 10 seconds.  Even when he is not in the water. 

My sweetie got her training wheels off during mid-term break.  Rite of passage.  Growing up.

Doing her flips on the trampoline at "Fantasyland." 

Family painting day.  This was Grace's request.  It's actually her request a lot of days; she just doesn't usually get it. 

Stick with gymnastics, kid.  I don't think you have a future in art. 
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