Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Okay; I Like the Sun After All

Night before last, the thunder woke me up. I kept waiting for the kids to start screaming, but they slept through it. I did not.

Yesterday I had plans. Visit social welfare; take the girls to the salon.

We left the house, and our first stop was to get fuel. Problem #1: No fuel. And we were almost on empty. Went to four gas stations. Nothing.

Uh oh.

I took the girls to a salon near our house instead of the one in town. Decided to go to social welfare the next day. Got home and started to realize how bad the fuel shortage was. Plus, we had no electricity and no fuel for the generator. I found a gas station with fuel and waited in line for 45 minutes. Filled up our car, and our extra tanks for the generator.

Last night, the thunder started again and didn't stop for something like 9 hours. Now, I was annoyed. Once again we had to scrap our plans for the day.

Then we started hearing. Bridges out. Not just flooded bridges, but washed away bridges. The bridges that connect us to town, actually. After 36 hours with no power, we finally found a friend who just came over and fixed it. Hooray for our friend Hans!

I got online and started to see the pictures.

And I'm sorry for complaining about the sun. And I am ashamed for complaining about my messed-up plans. Because this is what parts of my city looks like right now.

And two more days of rain are forcasted.

Please pray for Dar es Salaam.

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