Monday, February 20, 2012

Meeting East Again

I guess it's been the month of Indian experiences for us.

We've known Menka and her family since kindergarten, so when she invited us to her Jain Temple for a fund-raising event, we went. 

And so we had lots of fun playing carnival games, and Grace and I got our hands painted with henna, and of course the food was fabulous.  Which is quite impressive considering that Jains are not only vegetarians but also don't eat anything that grows under the ground, like onions and garlic and potatoes. 

We certainly did garner a lot of attention though....considering that we (or rather I, since Gil is not white) were the only white people there, and our children were the only African people there.  Everyone was very kind and welcoming, of course, but I did wonder what exactly went through people's minds when they saw us that night.  :-)

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