Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friday Night Lights

When Gil and I volunteered to be Student Council advisors last year, I didn't realize that actually my job description would be Event Coordinator. 

But since Student Council plans most of the social events of the school year, and the buck stops with me, well.....I become Event Coordinator.  With the help my very creative husband and a group of motivated students who take on lots of responsibility, of course.  It's a blast, but it sure stresses me out! 

Last Friday night was our crowning achievement of the year:  The All-School Talent Show.  And oh yes....we had it all:  the lights, the fog machine, the beautiful hostesses arriving to the stage on motorcycles covered with glow sticks. 

I was incredibly proud of my team, and the 15 groups of students who sang, danced, and acted their hearts out.  And even though there was some Justin Bieber thrown in there, I would say that it was a sensational evening.  

Some of the judges 

Randra and Samael, my beautiful vice-president and president and our hosts!

Our winners!

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