Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just the Girls

It's sure quiet around here.

Gil and Josiah have been in the States these last two weeks.  (As I wrote here, we didn't get Lily's passport in time to go together as a family.)  They get back Thursday. 

We are counting the days until Thursday.  We miss our boys!

Gil has been posting pictures, and it is bittersweet to see them.  So, so happy for Josiah to get to know his cousins (he was only two when we were with them the last time), get spoiled rotten, and have such a special time with his Daddy.  But so sad that we couldn't be there with them. 

But you know what?  It's been really nice around here too.  I really miss my boys, but I am thankful for how God has blessed these two weeks despite my disappointment in not being with them.  It's probably been the most stress-free time I've had all year.  I cook a meal, and it lasts three days.  We do laundry only once a week.  The girls wake up and read and play quietly....I've been sleeping until 8 every morning...amazing!   I've gotten all kinds of things checked off my list.  We've gone shopping, spent time with students, cleaned out Gil's classroom (with students), hung out with alumni, had relaxed dinners with friends.  The girls and I have been coloring, beading, painting, reading, and dancing in the kitchen with TobyMac.

And a week from today, Grace and I will be on our own plane to America for two weeks.  Butterflies of excitement! 

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