Sunday, August 25, 2013


Bethany was a teacher at HOPAC and a leader in our youth group many years ago.  We kept in touch, and a couple years later, she and her brand-new husband led a team that served at HOPAC for a few weeks.  She and Matt stayed with us during that trip, and on their very first night with us, I burned down my washing machine. (Not burned out, burned down.  Literally.)

I thought about linking to the post which tells that story, but since it wasn't one of my best moments, I'll just leave it to your imagination.  If you are terribly curious, go ahead and look for it.  Good luck.

Thankfully there were no fires during our visit to their house.  And it was wonderful to catch up.

In California, we don't have pools that look out over cornfields.  It was pretty cool.

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