Monday, August 26, 2013


Of all the states we are visiting, I think my kids were most excited about going to Indiana.  That's because our very good friends live there, who had just left Tanzania in February.  Not just Mom and Dad's friends, but their friends too.  

We did all kinds of life with this family in Tanzania, from beach trips to HOPAC strategic planning committees and long talks at the playground after school.  It did our hearts good to see them again.  

Then we traveled to northern Indiana to visit Sameer (who had already left for work when we took this picture) and Whitney, friends from our college days.  Gil went on two summer missions trips with Whitney, and she was a part of lots of ministry we did back then.  She was the pianist for our wedding.

Do you understand how amazing it is to reconnect with all these wonderful people?
Ah, we are so blessed!
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