Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So I'm getting behind in my blogging.....But here we go....headed west!


visiting Steve and Danae and family
Steve was the director of HOPAC from 2005-2008 and we loved working under him.  

visiting Dan and Janine and family--friends from California

Josiah was a Pterodactyl in Georgia.  What does this have to do with Georgia?  Nothing.  He was just the cutest Pterodactyl ever.  

In Atlanta, we visited the neighborhood where Martin Luther King Jr. was born, the church he preached in, and the place where he is buried.  


visiting Dan and Amy
Amy was a teacher at HOPAC and a leader in our youth group back in 2005-2006.  

Last year in first grade, Grace did a big report on Helen Keller.  So of course, everyone in the car was super excited to find that we were only minutes away from her house.  It was a Sunday, so we couldn't go in, but at least we got to see the outside.  


Despite being in Memphis, we did not see Elvis.  However, we did see Josiah and Lindsey.  Josiah was one of our college students during the years we led the college group at our church.  He is also brother to a number of our other friends!


Amanda and I were friends from college...she lived across the hall from me, and we've been in touch ever since.  (That was....gulp....over 15 years ago.)

Our kids were very excited about visiting "the house with the 7 kids."
They were not disappointed!

The kids told us today that they want seven kids in our family.  "Because then you never get lonely."  

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