Saturday, September 14, 2013

North and South Carolina

Heather was a teacher at HOPAC a few years ago, and we knew Quincy from college.  We got to be a tiny part of their love story in Tanzania.  They hosted us in their house that they had just moved into the day before.  Now that's hospitality.  

"Aunt" Heather was pretty special to the kids in Tanzania.  

We also visited Brian and Ruth, friends from my childhood in Liberia and Ethiopia.  I had not seen them in 20 years.  

Karen and Victoria and their family were wonderful friends for many years in Tanzania.

We're learning things about the south....their love of BBQ, peaches, good manners and cotillions.  (Yes, cotillions--as in, all the junior highers learn social cool is that???)

And then there was Christa...who was a part of our lives since she was in 6th grade...and now she is a college sophomore.  She baby-sat our kids for years....stayed with us a few times while her parents were it's pretty amazing to see her all grown-up and responsible and loving Jesus.

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