Saturday, May 31, 2014

On Grizzly Bears and Tears and Saying Good-bye

Just an ordinary evening.

I was reading an animal book to Josiah and Lily before bed.  We came to a page with a pretty scary Grizzly Bear on it, and Lily got a little freaked.  I quickly turned the page and declared we would skip that part.

Suddenly, Josiah leaped off the couch.  He started crying hysterically and shouting, "I want to read that page!  I want to read that page!"  It was as if I had cut his favorite toy into pieces and fed it to the birds.

I just stared at him, stunned, for a few moments.  What the..?  Granted, Josiah has been prone to fits, but this was.....ridiculous.

I sternly sent him to his bed until he could get a hold of himself.  He proceeded to sit there and cry and yell for at least 10 minutes.

I reasoned with him.  I cajoled him.  I hugged him.  I threatened to discipline him (which is usually what would happen), but I stopped short because some sort of Mommy-instinct told me that this was not really about the Grizzly Bear.

Finally, as I was helping my hysterical child get ready for bed, he finally blurted out, "I'm never going to see Eli again!  And he is my best friend in America!"


There it was.

Grace and Josiah had been attending on-site classes once a week as part of our homeschool charter.  Eli had been the only other boy in Josiah's class, so they were definitely buddies.   And the day of the Fit of the Century had been their last day.

My little guy was grieving.

Of course, then Grace started crying over losing her friends, and Lily always loves a good reason to cry.  I tried to hold myself together as we talked about what we will be leaving behind, but what we will be gaining in return.

About this time last year, I wrote this post where I asked if you would be my friend in America.  And the wonderful thing is, you have!  So many amazing people have invited us into their homes and lives and hearts, and we have felt so embraced and so loved.

But the hardest part about that is that it was only one year.  We formed all these connections, which is what we wanted to do, and now we're leaving.  What am I supposed to do with that?

It's just sad, and hard.  And good, all at the same time.  Try explaining that to your kids.

Josiah finally calmed down.  "Will you pray with me, Mommy?"  he asked.

We thanked God for all the wonderful friends He has given us this year.  We are so blessed.

Our tears are evidence of that.

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