Tuesday, August 5, 2014


So, okay.
I know I told you that I would be writing about the ordinary parts of my life here.  And I promise I am getting to that.  Phew, my days have been busy.

But now I need to tell you about TODAY.

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows that we want to adopt

We've wanted that for a very long time now.  We tried for this little guy.  Then Tanzania told us we could only adopt three.

Then we spent over a year working on an Ethiopian adoption, which has been in eternal limbo (that is, until all of our paperwork expires next month, and then it will be out of limbo and will be mostly dead.)

Meanwhile, we got new information that made us hope that we could try again in Tanzania for a fourth child.  During our whole time in the States, that's what I've been hoping and praying for.

So today.

Today we decided to go to social welfare.  This is not a small undertaking.  We left the house at 10 am and returned home at 4 pm.  Yes.  That's what happens when you go to social welfare.  And to think that for a good number of years, I did this about once a week.

But we fought the traffic and the parking and the road construction and the elevator that creaks up to the fourth floor and we waited and we waited and we waited for hours.

But finally we talked to the person who we had been waiting for, the one who worked with us through Josiah's and Lily's adoption and the one who said no to #4 almost three years ago.

And first, she said No again.  But then I brought out the new information and I pleaded and cajoled and I batted my eyelashes and she said she would research and look into it.  So it actually became Maybe.

And then I called our lawyer and she said we should go for it and start the process, because at this point, I have nothing to lose except time and petrol (and maybe a little bit of sanity).

So while we are waiting for the regional social welfare to make up their minds whether it really is legal for us to adopt #4 (we are pretty convinced it is), I will start the process with our district social welfare to do another homestudy.

Like, next week.

Even if we are approved for Four, it won't be this little guy.  We found out months ago that he was selected for adoption, and even though we were a teeny bit sad about that, mostly we were very, very happy that he gets his family.  And of course, there are zillions of other wonderful little boys in Tanzania that need a family.

So here we go again.
I'm sure it will be a crazy ride.

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