Sunday, August 31, 2014

This Is Why We Are Here

Last week, the class was on Marriage and Family.

And I sat in the back and listened while our partners and my husband stood in front of these amazing men and women, Tanzanian church leaders who are hungry for God's Word.  And they discussed and argued and wrestled together and learned from each other as they looked at Scripture and compared it to culture.

Does a man own his wife?
Is there room in Scripture for a bride price?
Is the wife's submission in Scripture the same as the wife's obedience in African culture?
What does it mean to love your wife?
How does a man lead his children and yet love them?
And so, so, so much more.

I learned so much from listening to them wrestle.  I am humbled by their desire to let God's Word transform culture, and I wonder if I always am willing to do the same.

But my favorite part was when Gil stood tall and told them that he would have married me even if he had known ahead of time that I would not bear him children.  Since, in Africa, infertility is usually grounds for divorce.  And then we both shared from the depths of our heart about adoption, and how there are 3 million orphans in Tanzania and only a couple dozen that get adopted each year.  And we shared our vision for the Tanzanian church to take the lead in embracing infertile couples and adoption and orphan care.

It was the one time all week that they spontaneously started applauding.

Yes.  This is why we are here.

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