Friday, August 22, 2014

Welcome to Our School

So this is how you know that your child's uniform shirts were not manufactured in or for America: 

Doesn't even bother with "Tumble Dry Low."  

Lily's kindergarten teacher is Tanzanian.

Josiah's first grade teacher is American.

Grace's third grade teacher is British.

And she is totally back in her element.  

And I am in my happy place.  

It was strange being "just a parent" on the first day of school, after 10 years of ministry there.  My responsibilities included getting a good breakfast into my kids, making sure they didn't forget their water bottles, and meeting new parents.  My name is no longer on a box in the staff room, I had no photo-copies to make, and Gil was not speaking on the first-day assembly, like he did for 8 years.  I came home to a quiet house and had a Swahili lesson and then went to a meeting with our new partners in ministry.  It felt weird.

But I can't tell you how grateful I am that we still get to be a part of Haven of Peace Academy, that my kids get to attend here and learn from all of these amazing people.  The very existence of this school enhances our new ministry in every way.  

And if you haven't watched this video yet, please do!  Not only does it give a great picture of HOPAC, it also features Mark (our new co-worker) and our new ministry training Tanzanian church leaders.  (And it's only four minutes long!)

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