Friday, February 13, 2015


Milestones are important in adoption.

Last February, when Lily turned five, that meant she had lived with us for the same amount of time that she had lived in the orphanage.  

So last week, when Lily turned six, that meant the scales have tipped in our direction.  She's now spent the majority of her years as a Medina.  That's a good feeling.

As amazing as her orphanage was, she still was without a family for two and a half years.  We still feel the effects of that, and she is still struggling to overcome some of that learned behavior.  But we see progress, and it's always worth it.  

Lily doesn't do big crowds very well, so we celebrated with just one friend and her family.  She also doesn't do well with all eyes on her, as you can see below.  

She's a beautiful little girl, and she's ours. 

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