Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We All Wait.

Saturday was filled with an air of anxious anticipation.

Motorcycles raced down the road in packs, with red and blue Chadema flags waving behind them.  Young men crowded into the backs of pick-up trucks, shouting and cheering.  Church parking lots were filled, as many held services on Saturday instead of Sunday.  The grocery store was packed.  The ATM machines were out of money.  There was a line at the gas station, which hardly ever happens here.

Grace asked, "Mommy, one boy in my class says that his dad is hiding his car.  Why would he do that?"  People were excited, but people were nervous.

Sunday was election day.  All was eerily quiet, as no one was working and no one was in church.  Voters waited in long lines, sometimes for a number of hours, but proudly leaving with a purple pinkie finger.

Teachers sent out emails with, "If your child has to stay home this week, here's some work for them to do."  Monday morning, we cautiously re-entered the world and took our kids to school.  Many who live farther away stayed home.

So far, there is peace.  But the presidential results have not yet been announced.

Collectively, the country holds its breath.

(picture from Shelby Rhee)
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