Friday, October 16, 2015

You Can Ice Skate in Tropical Africa....Or Maybe You Can't.

A local mall started advertising that they had an ice skating rink.

Seriously?  In a city that rarely goes below 80 degrees?

And, um, often has no electricity?

But as soon as our girls saw the large banner of the Olympic skater gracefully gliding on ice, they knew they had to go.  So, we gave them a goal to work toward, and they finally earned it.  This week was mid-term break, so we headed over to become the next Olympic ice skaters.

You would think, however, that ice skating required, uh, ice.  Silly us.  Apparently it doesn't.

It was white.  It was hard.  But it was definitely not ice.  Why is it called "ice skating," you ask?  Well, apparently "plastic skating" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

At least we had the whole place to ourselves....

....well, except for the polar bears.  The only ones you'll ever see in Tanzania.

Yes, Johnny, what are we subjecting you to?

He just wasn't too into this skating thing.  But he did like being pushed.

If you ever see a Tanzanian Olympic ice skater, you'll know where she got her start.  Right here on the plastic.  
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