Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Medina Life, January through March

Lots of dress up days at HOPAC this term.  This one:  Crazy Hair Day.  The Tanners were staying with us that week so Caleb and Imani got in on the craziness as well.

And here we have Sadness and Disgust.

Book week:  Quicksilver, the Owl from Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears, and a Masai girl from We All Went On Safari.

When he's not creating amazing costumes for our children, Gil is teaching in our theological training program.  

One of the best parts of HOPAC is Service Emphasis Week, when the entire school goes out on service projects.  These next few pictures are from Lily's first grade class playing with the kids at a local pre-school.  

Meanwhile, Johnny started his own long-desired pre-school classes twice a week.  The most important part is the backpack, of course.  

Grace played U11 basketball this term, and her amazing coach is there in the background.

On the day of the final tournament, HOPAC had enough players for two teams.  They both won their brackets, which means they played each other in the final game.  When the two teams started off the game with handshakes, they quickly turned to hugs.  It was all pretty wonderful.

Sweating for Jesus on our church's sports day.  It just happened to be about 110 degrees that day.  Yes, I did just about die.  Thanks for asking.  

Our friend Grace, who has been through our training program.

Our own Grace, winning the sack race.

Me not winning in musical chairs.

Reuniting with our Lotta, whom we hadn't seen in about three years.  She was my student in grades 5 & 6, then she was Gil's student, and she even lived with us one year.  We love her.

Reuniting with our friend Zahir, way back from our first term in Tanzania in 2001.  We hadn't seen him in about 13 years.   We love him too.

Gil was invited to be the keynote speaker at a retreat over the Easter weekend.  

This conference was for university students, with an organization Americans would know as InterVarsity.  Gil got to teach about 80 university students for 3 days on the book of Habbakuk.

Since the kids were on spring break, we all headed to Morogoro with him (about 4 hours away inland) and enjoyed the slightly cooler weather there.
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