Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back-to-School Shopping, Tanzania Style

First of all, let me assure you that Dar es Salaam does have some modern, sorta-kinda-like-Target department stores.  But we try to avoid shopping there whenever possible, partly because they are way expensive and partly because how you spend can be just as important as how you give. 

The boys needed shoes and Lily needed a backpack.  So we headed to the local market instead, which sets up on Fridays and is one of our favorite places to shop.    

Josiah always makes a beeline for the soccer jerseys.  

Contrary to popular belief, African countries do have shoes.  These are imported from China.

These are handmade from recycled tires.

And these are good quality used shoes from American and British thrift stores.  Trust me, Africa has plenty of shoes.   

African countries actually have plenty of, um, other necessities.  "Donate your bra to Africa" might be an actual thing (Google it), but please....don't actually send it.  They've already got plenty.

Thankfully, we were not shopping for bras this time, but backpacks.  

Personally, this is my favorite part of the market.  Tanzanian avocados put Californian avocados to shame.  No offense.

And we had success!  Josiah and Johnny got super cool basketball shoes, Lily got her backpack, and Grace some new clothes and soccer cleats (which she negotiated for by herself!).

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