Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Josiah is Nine

Ah, this boy.  This totally crazy, all-energy, sports-obsessed boy.  He's the one I always tell, No kicking balls in the house!  He's the one who tells me every day, Mommy, isn't Johnny cute?  He loves playing jokes on people.  He loves coming up behind me and scaring me.  His passion is soccer but he has learned to buckle down and get to work when he needs to.  He sure can be a moody little stinker at times, but he is also my most affectionate child.  And the one most likely to ask me to pray with him.  

And now he is nine and since we got his teeth going in the right direction earlier this year (shoot...at no small cost!), he is looking more like the man he will become.  Which is always so happy and sad.  

He had a soccer-themed birthday party for the third year in a row, because really, what else is there?  

He also got to pick Sunday lunch, so he picked Spur, because it's the only restaurant in Dar that will sing to you on your birthday.
(Spur is a South African chain with a Native American theme.  Someone should probably tell them that's not really politically correct anymore...but...they put sparklers in your ice cream, so...oh well.)

I sure miss that adorable baby boy....but this big kid is pretty amazing.  
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