Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mood Lighting

You just never know what to expect with the electricity here....thankfully, the power rationing is officially over (Hooray!), but that doesn't mean that the electricity has stopped making our lives interesting. About a half hour ago, the electricity didn't go OFF but it did go LOW. Every light in the house is running at about 25% capacity...the fans are barely rotating...I haven't checked the fridge yet. I'm surprised that the internet is still working. Kind of gives the house an eerie, haunted sort of feel.... I've turned most of our important electronics off because this sort of thing is usually followed by power surges, which means that things start exploding. Never a dull moment!

Blessings of this week:
We got an amazing care package sent from MP3 class at FCC. Wow! Made our day. Although, I watched in dismay as my husband gave our daughter a piece of Laffy Taffy and she proceeded to stuff the entire thing in her mouth, and then screamed bloody murder when I fished it out of her mouth. What a mean mommy I am.

Our good friends Tim and Emily stayed with us last night. They live in a village a ways away from here but we love their visits! They have adopted a little guy named Caleb who is a little younger than Grace. We have already arranged their marriage, and Caleb approved by kissing Grace this morning! Grace retaliated by knocking him over.

Gil preached this morning on suffering, and did a fabulous job (as always!) He just keeps on gettin' better.

Mosquitoes are feasting on me! Better go.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mama Grace

Now that I have become a mother, my entire identity has changed in Tanzania. A Tanzanian woman's identity is wrapped up in her children, so much so that her name changes with the birth of her first child. I am now known as "Mama Grace." Tanzanians pay a whole lot more attention to me now...which could be because my baby is brown...but also because I have a baby at all. Checkers at the grocery store where I shop have seen me for a year and never paid much attention to me; now they always address me as "Mama Grace" and ask about her, even if she's not with me.


Welcome to our blog! This blog will mainly include updates about our life in Tanzania and stories about Grace, for those of you who appreciate more details and pictures!